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Established in 2013, the Black Deaf Senior Citizens of America (BDSCA) is devoted to building a vibrant community for Deaf Seniors. We specialize in organizing engaging events and activities while addressing essential needs through workshops on topics such as social security, life insurance, wills, health, and more. Now officially incorporated in Virginia and actively pursuing 501c3 status, BDSCA is committed to fostering connections and supporting the well-being of Black Deaf Seniors. Join us in our mission and explore our events at Black Deaf Senior Citizens of America .

Discover the origin of the Black Deaf Senior Citizens of America (BDSCA)

Learn why and how BDSCA came into existence. At the age of 13, Gerald, accompanied by his oldest Deaf brother Kenneth, engaged with Deaf seniors in D.C. and neighboring states through the Capital City Association of the Deaf (CCAD). Observing the financial struggles of many Black Deaf individuals and their limited access to significant events due to costs, Gerald felt a growing need for an organization that genuinely included and paid attention to Black Deaf individuals. Years later, inspired by a conference encounter with a lonely older Deaf woman, Gerald, with the support of his wife Lavonda, founded BDSCA in 2013. The inaugural event in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, marked the beginning of a decade-long journey, celebrated for its success in fostering connections among Deaf Seniors.

Wondering how you can support BDSCA?

Start by delving into this article! Increasing awareness about BDSCA is a significant step, so don't forget to explore our website at Black Deaf Senior Citizens of America and discover all our events. There are valuable opportunities to contribute by hosting workshops addressing Deaf Senior needs, covering topics like social security, life insurance, wills, health, doctor issues, interpreter services, and more. For workshop presenters, proficiency in ASL and being Deaf are essential qualifications. Additionally, help us expand our reach by spreading the word about BDSCA to other Black Deaf Seniors. Your involvement is crucial for the next generation to carry forward our senior activities for years to come!

Curious about the organization's top priorities?

We are officially incorporated in Virginia and securing 501c3 status. Additionally, fundraising is a key focus for us.

Wondering what sets BDSCA apart from other organizations?

To be honest, BDSCA shares similarities with others as our primary focus is onplanning events and activities for Deaf Seniors.

Interested in the organization's favorite time of the year?

We eagerly anticipate two annual events - a cookout in June and a banquet in October. Additionally, every other year, we organize a deaf cruise.


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